Is your child starting kindergarten in the fall of 2021?

This webinar took place on March 1, 2021. A pdf of the presentation slides and a video recording of the event are posted below. 

Questions can be emailed to and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as we can. Please keep in mind we are all parents of young children, so it may take a day or two to reply.


Kinder Readiness Title block


COVID In-Person Learner Questions
1. What is the current mask policy for kindergarteners?

Masks are required for 4th grade and above, and recommended (but not required) for kindergarten to 3rd grade.

2. Will my child still attend specials (music, PE, art) if attending in-person?

Yes, but they will stay with only their class. Before COVID, classes might combine for PE or other events. During COVID, your child’s class will not mix with others during specials (music, PE or art). ​

3. Are parents allowed to walk kindergartners to their classroom on the first day of school?

Usually, yes. With COVID, not this year. Please be assured that your kindergartener will not get lost finding their class. They will be guided by very caring staff.

4. How much of a typical day is on a device (computer based program) vs teacher led instruction and small group learning? 

About 2 hours per week while at school.

5. Will my child visit the library each week?

Yes, but the process varies by campus. Some go to the library and some bring books to the classroom.

6. Can I visit the school to have lunch with my child?

Parents were not allowed to attend lunch with their children this year due to COVID restrictions. 

7. What is AISD's COVID policy?

You can find the most up to date information at THIS LINK.  

COVID At-Home Learner Questions
1. Will there be an at-home learning option this fall?

We don’t know yet. The TEA has not released guidelines for the upcoming school year. 

2. If there is an at-home learning option, when will we have to decide?

This year we had 2 weeks before the school year started, and AISD offered parents the option to re-evaluate/change every 9 weeks. 
*Please note that when deciding to change from virtual to in-person (or vice versa), AISD warned each 9 weeks of the possibility that our students wouldn’t have the same teachers as the previous 9 weeks. Also, if moving from at-home to in-person, students may need to attend a different campus besides their “home” campus depending on available staffing.

3. How much of a typical day is on a device (computer based program) vs teacher led instruction and small group learning? 

Currently, synchronous learning on Zoom/Google Classroom is from 8-9:30AM, 11:30AM-12:30PM, and 2-2:15PM M-F. Additional times may be added, depending on the needs of the class. Small groups are 2-3 times/week and those sessions last 30 min each.

4. What kind of materials will I need for virtual learning?

The usual school supplies (a list will be provided before school starts) and a computer (you can request one through AISD). Additional materials will be picked up at your school at the start of every 9 week grading period. Dry erase board/markers were helpful to have this year and were not provided by the district. A dedicated workspace for each learner and earphones were very helpful as well. 

KR workspace - bandy.jpg
KR workspace - desk only.jpg
KR workspace - boy at desk.jpg
5. What kind of software will my child use for virtual learning?

Google Classroom and Seesaw are the most widely used. You can find tutorials at

6. How involved do I need to be with my kindergartner’s school work?  

Having an adult present is necessary for virtual kindergarten. Students do not need to have computer experience to learn virtually, nor do they need an adult to sit with them at all times, but it is helpful to have an adult nearby who can help with technological issues. Additionally, asynchronous time often requires an adult to help the student complete assignments.

7. Will my at-home learner have specials?

Yes, though they are always asynchronous. They are posted at the beginning of the week and students have all week to complete the assignments.



Two weeks before school starts
  • Learn the important stuff - if virtual, how to log into AISD's Portal, Google Classroom, and Zoom; if in-person, practice memorizing their student ID number, they'll need it to buy lunch.

  • Set up their designated workspace, if virtual. They should have easy access to their materials, supplies, and computer, ideally in a quiet area away from distractions.

One week before school starts
  • Practice going to bed and waking up on their school schedule to get used to early wake times.

  • Practice their school route. Show them the drop-off and pick-up areas at the bus stop. Discuss landmarks so they know which stop is theirs. 

The day before school starts
  • Organize their backpack or charge their computer.



To begin the enrollment process with Allen ISD, visit the link below. After you complete the online application, the registrar at your home campus will contact you to confirm information.




One of the best ways to know what is happening at your child's school is to be involved in the PTA. Below are links to the PTA websites of Allen's 18 elementary schools. If you do not know what school your home is zoned for, you can search on the district website HERE.



It's very helpful to have these key dates on your calendar before the school year begins. Be sure to mark early release days (half days).

The calendar can be found here.