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What is the AECPTA?

The Allen Early Childhood PTA is a network of families dedicated to promoting the welfare of children from birth to kindergarten through parent education programs, community service and organized family activities. We provide support for parents, teachers, family members and caregivers. The AECPTA is part of the National Parent Teacher Association, the oldest and largest children's volunteer advocacy group in the nation. The AECPTA offers a foundation for affirming our young children as they grow and for building parental support of our children as they enter formal school years.


Through our group, members address common concerns and participate in activities that benefit and enrich the lives of our children and their families. We are open to all individuals interested in the education and development of children from birth to age 5. We have so much to offer! Where else can you find an organization that offers monthly speakers, playgroups, monthly field trips, craft circle, adult socials, and so much more?

“The AECPTA has helped me realize I’m not alone! Parenting young kids is hard and I now have a support team to call on. I have never felt judged. Everyone is welcoming and supportive.”

  • Families from Allen and surrounding areas are welcome to join.

  • We are not affiliated with any preschool or daycare.

  • Your child does not have to be enrolled in any educational program for you to join.

“I love this group! We have no family nearby and AECPTA has really filled that void for me. When I became a SAHM I felt isolated. AECPTA gives me a "village" I can turn to for support.”


To provide an open and supportive organization with a diverse membership of families with young children by developing programs and projects which support the objectives of the PTA in a safe and nurturing environment.​​

“My son is an only child but because of the AECPTA he has had a lot of positive interactions with other children from a very young age.”

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